When was the last time you struck up a conversation with a stranger?

Sight Map is an application that allows users to discover shared experiences with others through past locations.

The app is connected to the Unforget-table, a smart table that visualizes user's Google Maps data
to search for common locations with others! 


Preliminary Conceptual Research

I conducted preliminary research before beginning my project in order to center my project on a topic and gather information on how strangers might strike up conversation with one another.  For this contextual inquiry, 9 people were surveyed with 10 questions.
Here's a sample of the questions I asked: 

(created in Balsamiq)

Using Balsamiq, I created various wireframes of SightMap's mobile application. I wanted the interface to be as fluid as possible, with clear consenting instructions and user information on the system itself. I wanted the main location sharing function to be clear and straightforward to the user; because the application has a limited amount of features I wanted to eliminate as much possible confusion as possible. I did add some additional features to the application, for instance, I gave the user the ability to see their own history and past connections with SightMap.




User Testing: Navigation

I completed a heuristic evaluation on my interface by asking users to walk me through completing several tasks on a paper prototype version of my wireframes. Through this, I learned that there were some flaws in my original design: I did not account for the possibility of multiple shared locations, and what to do if a user had no shared locations in common with another person. Overall, I found that paper prototyping is a great way to determine pain points in my interface design.